Chapter 757

Bonners Ferry, ID

Past Events

Here you can read about some of the past events, meetings, and programs of EAA Chapter 757. 


July 2017 Meeting

For the July meeting we met in Gene Andrew's hangar. And unpacked the chapter's new kit plane

First test flight went well.



May 2017 Meeting

For the May meeting, we had Mark Owens come and share about his experiences flying in Africa as a wildlife biologist.  Mark Owens told us about his almost two decades work studying wildlife in the wilds of Africa (Kalahari desert) .  He had many pictures to show as well, pictures of his plane and the animals there, around and sometimes in their camp. As one can imagine there were many challenges in flying there, and as a result many exciting stories. Mark has agreed to come back in a few months and tell us more about later studies and flying in a different wild area of Africa. If you missed this presentation you have another chance, keep an eye on our website for details!

The meeting was in the old maintenance hanger, we set up for a bigger than normal crowd, and were not disappointed.




April 2017 Meeting

In the April Meeting after the business portion of the meeting, the group watched an informational video about the new ICAO International Flight Plan format. Many thanks to Dave Parker for finding the video and supplying the program for the evening. A link to the video is below:  

March 2017 Meeting

In the March Meeting after the business portion of the meeting, Dave Parker gave a presentation on how to safety wire correctly, ending up with some hands-on learning. Pictures are below:






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