Chapter 757

Bonners Ferry, ID

       ~~ Boundary County Youth Flight Scholarship ~~

 The scholarships (up to a $2,500 'non-cash' value) will include ground school and flight training.  Ground school classes are held at the Boundary County Airport Terminal building.   Flight training must be at Northern Air Inc., located in Bonners Ferry Idaho.

Requirements to be considered for these scholarships:

  1. Applicants must write an autobiography that includes their birth date.
  2. Applicants must write an essay explaining why they would like to learn to fly.  The essay must include applicants' address and phone number.
  3. Applicants' parent or guardian must write a letter explaining why their child deserves the opportunity and authorizing their child to take flight training.
  4. Recommendation letters from members of the community are also encouraged.
  5. The student should have a willingness to serve the community at EAA Chapter aviation functions.

Please bring or mail the above information to:

Boundary County Airport
Youth Flight Scholarship
64602 Highway 2
Bonners Ferry, ID  83805

Flight training will commence upon successful completion of Ground School and Private Pilot written exam.

For questions or more information call 267-IFLY (267-4359)  All applications, for 2019, must be received by October 15th, 2018. It is never too early to apply!

Past Receipients for Ground School and Flight Training Scholarships:
2009 - Austin Tanner                    2013 - Trevor Schneider               2015 - Carey Barlows              2009 - Tana Schneider                 2013 - Dalin Hubbard                                                                       2010 - Andrew Brubaker               2014 - Caden Jones                                                                         2011 - Adam Alverez                     2014 - Johannes Snyder                                                                   2012 - Nathan Negoi                     2014 - Zach Cleve                                                                            2012 - Katherine Boger                 2015 - Stephanie Martin

Past Receipients for Ground School Scholarships:        
      2014 - Kyle Coblentz
      2014 - Carey Barlows
      2014 - Michael Negoi  

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